• Superstar College of Asia’s contemporary curriculum is in line with the demands of the music and entertainment fields. Students who finish their education will possess comprehensive knowledge covering every aspect of the field, whether it be about performing arts skills, producing one’s own creative output, managing one’s own career, or the entertainment business.

• Learning and teaching are established along the lines of music in general and specific courses, such as commercial music or contemporary music which are popular areas that are currently in demand.

• The curriculum emphasizes the creation and shaping of artists by more than a hundred Thai and expatriate teachers who are artists themselves or teachers of artists who are famous countrywide and internationally.

• The knowledge and experience of artists and executives of high-level companies in the industry are passed on directly and closely to the students in the special Entertainment Seminars arranged throughout the year.

• Before they even graduate from the course, students get real training in the Artist Project, a collaboration of students in the different fields by combining all the knowledge they have gained in order to produce work that can be presented to the public, similar to what they would do in their own entertainment business.

• The Career Center provides help in Job apprenticeships seeking employment or a job placement during and after the course of study Opening one’s own business. Urging students forward to work in the entertainment field.

• The college has numerous business partners in music, television, and the movies that will open the opportunity for students to get into the entertainment field.

• It has an abundance of more than 50 classrooms, studios, up-to-date music equipment and facilities, such as soundproof studios for one-on-one classes, band classes, rehearsals, sound recording, etc.

• Superstar College of Asia is located in the heart of the city on Soi Thonglor, a convenient and comfortable road to travel on, accessible by means of the BTS Sky train. Along the way in the surrounding areas are business shops and department stores, a hospital, and a police station, so it is not necessary for students to rent a dormitory room to study upcountry

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