Studying at Superstar College of Asia

Studying at Superstar College of Asia puts emphasis on both theoretical and practical learning. Students are able to learn closely with the teacher either on an individual (one-on-one) basis or in small groups. Students are separated into work groups that replicate the framework of different types of performances. Each school term, a teacher advisor is assigned to counsel each group. Artist Project opens the opportunity for students from different courses to work with experts in various fields. Student collaboration results in a combined output similar in form to that of opening a record company, for example. There is also a special off-campus theater activity each term. Students get to know their teachers’ colleagues in past support systems at entertainment seminar courses. Student life at the college is crammed with performance activities. Participation in these activities will enable students to make new contacts and form friendships with their teachers and work teams on a casual basis. This readiness to help push one another forward makes all students realize that their dream can turn into reality.

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