Message from President

        " “Education in the Fine Arts, specifically in the fields of music, theater, and the entertainment business is beneficial to society, especially at this time when Thai society has opened wide its doors from within to contend with ASEAN. Therefore, we think that it is important to have an institute that is prepared in this regard. We have confidence in the potential of the new generation of youth in Thailand, that if they receive training and attain maturity, I believe that they will not be second-rate to anyone in the world. I believe that our youth are ready, our equipment are ready, our network of teachers is ready, and most important of all, we aspire to advance the dreams of all our youth as close to reality as possible.
         “I think that we will do that not only within the boundaries of Thailand. We are capable of doing it in many countries such as Korea which has managed to develop its country in such a way that it is recognized, not only in the field of science and technology or business, but in art and culture through music, movies, and theater. I think that Superstar College of Asia will be another important organization that will thrust our country forward to contend with progress to a thriving economy.
        “In the year 2015, Thailand will be a constituent of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Besides business and trade, one more important thing is art and culture. I believe that the South East Asian region will be second to none, and I have the firmest belief that Superstar College of Asia will provide the resources for knowledge, the formation of individuals, and the development of the people comprising one of the best music, theater, and entertainment business industries in South East Asia.
        I would like to persuade the youth and the students who have the ambition of being artists, musicians, actors/actresses, and entertainment businessmen to study the information about our college, and come join us at Superstar College of Asia, Siam University, to make your dream a reality.”

Dr. Pornchai Mongkolvanij              
President, Siam University              

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