Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts in Theatre (Musical)

The curriculum of Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts in Theatre (Musical) puts emphasis on developing well-rounded learners equipped with the knowledge and proficiency that will prepare them to manage their own careers by

   • Preparing students to join quality and able theater personnel

   • Developing knowledge, performance and expertise in their chosen field through character building in a variety of formats such as movies, television dramas, music videos, commercials, event programs, stage plays, choreographing, online showcases and musical plays, which are currently popular

   • Progressing under the guidance of an Acting Coach and an Acting Teacher, making theater the branch of learning that offers the most number of subjects in Thailand, covering the widest area of knowledge in theater performance in the country, and the first branch of the performing arts in the country to reinforce both teaching and performing skills in response to the needs of a career path on the international level

   • Developing other skills necessary to continue building and managing one’s career as an artist, namely: learning the business of theater on the local and international levels, learning the principles of theater management and direction, establishing a support system of performing artists, holding entertainment seminars, learning the laws covering the entertainment industry, sound editing, moving pictures, editing series episodes, public relations, scriptwriting, directing a play, hosting techniques, developing and creating a unique image of the artist all these make this branch the first in the country to reinforce knowledge and artistic skills in the complete cycle of performance emphasizing a well-rounded artistic capability and the acumen to build their own careers.

   • Learners are able to prepare themselves to face the challenges of the ASEAN Economic Society by means of studying subjects related to the international economy, learn English, and choose to study a second language such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian, Burmese, Indonesian, and secure apprenticeships in the entertainment field in the last year of study before completing their education.

  • • Bachelor of Fines and Applied Arts in Theatre (Musical)

  • The 4-year Bachelor degree curriculum totals 138 credits divided into:
  • General subjects 37 credits, Major subjects 95 credits,
  • General electives 6 credits

  • Sample Program of Studies in the curriculum
  • - History of the Performing Arts
  • - Entertainment Industry Studies
  • - International Entertainment Industry Studies
  • - Entertainment Business Law
  • - Entertainment Seminar
  • - Artist Project
  • - Public Relations for Theater
  • - Performing Arts Studies
  • - Character Studies
  • - Movie Showcase
  • - Television Showcase
  • - Stage Showcase
  • - Communication Skills and Hosting Strategies
  • - Music Video or Advertising Showcase
  • - Scriptwriting
  • - Online Showcase
  • - Theater Direction
  • - Sound Editing
  • - Motion Picture Editing
  • - Stage Direction and Photography
  • - Auditioning and Casting
  • - Principles of Theater
  • - Choreography
  • - Song and Dance 1-5
  • - Musicals 1-5

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