The Faculty is comprised of graduates of music and the arts, together with experienced teachers in the field of music and entertainment totaling over 100 faculty members of different nationalities—Thai, American, British, Italian, Korean, Filipino, Russian, Swedish—who are artists, coaches of artists, producers, directors, record company executives, etc

From current experts in the field, students gain up-to-the-minute knowledge that is essential in the performance of their real jobs as professionals. Students also gain the opportunity to build a public relations network with practitioners in the industry, which can be held as an advantage when seeking jobs in the future.

        • Music teacher of movie stars or artists; has more than 100,000 students online; presently as students
          who are artists in various companies; teaches movie stars in the field
        • Former drummer of the boy band Backstreet Boys
        • British artist; received the Indy Award from England; teaches vocal music and piano
        • French national; teacher of classical music and opera music; teaches artists in Europe
        • Latin dance teacher; 13th place in the World Championship
        • DJ teacher; ranked 3rd in Asia
        • Bass guitar teacher; composer for the Peace Maker band
        • Sound engineer for Groove Rider, Tata Young, Joey Boy, Boyd Kosiyapong; Italian artist
        • Dance teacher of Chin Chinawut, Golf and Mike, Lydia; producer of Marsha and Somamara
        • Drama teacher; theater performer; professional host for Exact
        • Drama teacher on a Play Director level
        • Choreographer on a Show Director level for the television program Superstar on Channel 9
        • Vocal music teacher; received an award for excellence from Europe
        • Dance teacher from Korea; used to collaborate with Nichakun,2 PM
        • Teacher of artists on the reality programs Superstar, Teen Superstar, Academy Fantasia
        • Teachers of vocal music and instrumental music who are current artists of various record companies
          such as Grammy, RS, Sony, Small Room, Spicy Dish, Music Union, etc.

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