Bachelor of Fines and Applied Art in Entertainment Business

The curriculum of Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts in Entertainment Business puts emphasis on developing well-rounded learners equipped with the knowledge and ability to step into the Entertainment Business field as quality personnel by

   • Developing and creating the physical image of the performing artist

   • Designing products in the entertainment field

   • Understanding the laws related to the entertainment field

   • Understanding different marketing strategies

   • Managing the different agencies related to the entertainment field, such as record companies, movie companies,
     mass media, recording rooms, schools of music and the performing arts, advertising and jingle production companies, etc.

   • Training students in the basic skills of singing, dancing, and acting in order to understand the methodology in the field
     of entertainment

   • Enabling learners to prepare themselves to face the challenges of the ASEAN Economic Society by studying subjects
      related to the international economy; learning English; studying a second language of their choice such as Korean,
     Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian, Burmese, Indonesian; and securing an apprenticeship in the entertainment field in the
     last school year of study before completing their education.

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