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        In the near future, the ASEAN Economic Community will be fully launched in Thailand, causing a more rapid upsurge in the Thai entertainment industry. This trend in progress has been increasing annually and has not completely stopped whether in the field of theater or music. The music, movie, television, and even online entertainment media business amassed an annual income of more than 12 billion baht in 2011 and is predicted to increase to 15 billion baht in 2016 with a total world income of no less than 60 trillion baht. Such rapid growth has created a considerable shortage of quality personnel in the entertainment industry at a time that the changing trend in the world entertainment market has made Asian artists and performers gain greater popularity on the international stage. Up to the present time, however, there has not yet been any curriculum for the development of artists in Thailand.
        In line with the demands of the entertainment industry, Superstar College of Asia, Siam University, emphasizes the development of students into quality artists in the fields of music and theater, pushing them forward to step into the field of entertainment of their dream.
        The strength of the college is its Bachelor degree curriculum for the development of talented students. The faculty members who teach the students are artists themselves or coaches of artists who have made a name in the field. With more than a hundred Thai and expatriate teachers, Superstar College of Asia is the college with the largest faculty staff in the entertainment field in Thailand.
         The college grants students the liberty to select the contemporary music courses of their choice in line with the present-day needs of the music industry, thus preparing them to work in the field as soon as they finish their education.
        Constantly in need of quality personnel, Superstar College of Asia’s vast network of business partners in the entertainment field is prepared to give the students of the college the opportunity to audition as apprentice artists or provide them job placements upon completing their studies.
        In addition, music seminars provide students the opportunity to---
        Learn from the executives of record companies and well-known local and international entertainment businesses, or top-notch performing artists.
        Speak on a casual and personal level with artists, actors/actresses, and executives.

General Information
        • Name of College : Superstar College of Asia, Siam University
        • Name of Curriculum Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts in Music, Theatre, and Entertainment Business
        • Bachelor’s Degree (Abbreviated): B.F.A. Music , B.F.A. Theatreม B.F.A. Entertainment Business
        • 4-year Bachelor’s Degree Curriculum, 138 credits
        • Located on Soi Thonglor, accessible by BTS Skytrain from Sukumvit 55 station
        • Music performance hall, dance room, 50 drama rooms
        • Area: more than 2,000 square meters
        • Faculty: More than 100 international teachers—Thai, American, British, Italian, Korean, Filipino, Russian,
          Swedish—who are artists, coaches of artists, producers, directors

        Superstar College of Asia is to create world class quality graduates in Arts and Music while enable them to succeed in the entertainment field

        1. To motivate talented students to face the challenges of the music and entertainment fields or secure job placements immediately upon completing their education.
        2. To provide a higher education with emphasis on excellence in quality music based on international standards.
        3. To produce knowledgeable and capable talents who will apply the principles of learning with efficiency and responsibility towards society in earning a livelihood.
        4. To develop the college into a knowledge resource of Thai

Motto : Every Dream is Possible

Possible careers for earning a living after the successful completion of education
        musician ,singer, movie actor/actress, movie theme, stage player, advertising executive, show director, theater director, sound arranger, mixing engineer, scriptwriter, show manager, online showcase manager of a school of music and performing arts, businessman in the entertainment field etc.

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