Siam University is one of the first five privately owned universities established in Thailand. Founded by Dr. Narong Mongkolvanij in 1965 (B.E. 2508), Siam University is presently a private institution for higher education under the Office of Higher Education, Ministry of Education.

At present, Siam University has a population of 15,000 students, with more than 300 international students from more than 15 countries all over the world. It opened its instructional program at the Bachelor degree level in both Thai and international curriculums. The Bachelor degree program (Thai curriculum) started with 8 faculties, namely: engineering, science, nursing, business administration, communication arts, law, fine arts, and fine and applied arts. The Bachelor degree program (international curriculum) opened in 2 subject areas, namely: Hotel and Tourism Administration and International Business. On the postgraduate level, there were 7 courses, namely: Master of Business Administration (Thai and English curriculums), Master of Engineering, Master of Communication Arts, Master of Public Administration, Master of Education, Master of Science, and Master of Philosophy. Over 75,000 students have completed their education and graduated from Siam University. น

The university’s library complex takes up an area of approximately 3,500 square meters and houses books, periodicals, journals, magazines, pamphlets, and non-printable material, such as voice tapes, videos, and computer programs, totaling over more than 200,000 items. A modern IT center serves both Apple and PC computers throughout the university and a total of more than 1,330 student workstations.

Siam University is
• A certified member of the International Association of Universities (IAU)
• A certified member of the International Association of University Presidents, which bestowed on the Siam University President the honor of being a Board Member since 1984
  (B.E. 2527) up to the present.
• A certified member of the Association of Southeast Asian Institutes of Higher Learning (ASAIHL)
• A certified member of EUHOFA International / International Association of Hotel Schools, specializing in the training of students in Hotel and Tourism in the European region
• A certified member of the Asian Regional Training and Development Organization (ARTDO)
• A partner in education of more than 54 high-level international universities and colleges all over the world
• This opens the opportunity for students to transfer and continue their education abroad or do research work among countries.

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