Application for Scholarship: Superstar College of Asia, Siam University

Scholarship of Superstar College of Asia is for a Bachelor Degree program in Fines and Applied Arts in Music, Theatre and Entertainment Business. The scholarship aims to provide opportunities for students who are gifted and passionate in music and art performance such as singing, dancing, acting and entertainment business to pursue their dreams. The scholarship covers credit fees for the whole 4-year program of 700,000 Baht.

Qualification of Application
1. Has successfully completed high school or its equivalent, or is currently completing the last year of high
    school or its equivalent.
2. Has outstanding ability in singing, acting, or music performance.
3. Exhibits good behavior and is free from any contagious disease that could endanger the health of others
4. Has completed university requirements
5. Applicants will be given tests in theory and performance which are scheduled by the college committee.

Details of the scholarship
1. Scholarship for Bachelor Degree in Fine and Applied Arts, Superstar College of Asia, Siam University given
    to students who with outstanding ability in music performance, acting, singing and entertainment business.
    The scholarship covers full credits fees of the program of 700,000 Baht and given to 20 students per
    cademic year.
2. Scholarship does not cover other expenses such as books and equipments for the program or activities
    outside the curriculum.
3. Scholarship does not required any term of pay back obligation
4. Student must be attentive to classes and join school's activities as school's representative
5. Student must maintain GPA of at least 2.50
6. Superstar College of Asia reserves the right to discontinue scholarships shall the students behave in ways
    that harm the college reputation or unable to maintain their qualifications.

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