Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts in Music
(Music Performance)

The curriculum of Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts in Music (Music Performance) puts emphasis on developing well-rounded learners equipped with the knowledge and ability that will prepare them to be quality musicians capable of managing their own careers by

   • Developing their proficiency in playing a musical instrument of their choice and performance in a solo or band format
     each school term
   • Designing a suitable artist’s image and the appropriate behavior to achieve success in composing and producing their
     own work
   • Understanding the business of the music industry the different copyright laws, signing contracts with a variety of record
   • Preparing a marketing plan to promote one’s work through various communications media
   • Managing a concert
   • Managing the sale and distribution of their music in disk or digital form
   • Studying international economics in preparing to meet with the ASEAN Economic Community
   • Learning English and a second foreign language such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Malay, Burmese, Indonesian
   • Securing an apprenticeship with companies in the entertainment organization on the last school year before completing
     their music education.

  • • Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts in Music (Music Performance)

  • The 4-year Bachelor degree curriculum totals 138 credits divided into:
  • General subjects 37 credits, Major subjects 95 credits,
  • General electives 6 credits

  • Sample Program of Studies in the curriculum
  • - History of the Performing Arts
  • - Entertainment Industry Studies
  • - International Entertainment Industry Studies
  • - Entertainment Business Law
  • - Entertainment Seminar
  • - Artist Project
  • - Public Relations for the Theater
  • - Theater Studies
  • - Character Studies
  • - Movie Showcase
  • - Television Showcase
  • - Stage Showcase
  • - Communication Skills and Hosting Strategies
  • - Music Video or Advertising Showcase
  • - Scriptwriting
  • - Online Showcase
  • - Theater Direction
  • - Sound Editing
  • - Motion Picture Editing
  • - Stage Direction and Photography
  • - Auditioning and Casting
  • - Principles of Theater
  • - Choreography
  • - Movie and Television Showcase 1-5
  • - Theater Arts Performance 1-5

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